Large electric colour change (usb) ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

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Large Colour Changing USB Ultrasonic Misting Aroma Diffuser with wood effect top and base. 

Material: Plastic and Metal

Diffuser Type: Ultrasonic - Our diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations that silently break apart the water and oils creating a fine mist. There are no fans or heat used in this process.

Plug Type: USB

Power: DC5V 3.0Hz, 1000mA

For Use With: Water and Essential Oils

Light/Mist Settings: Select colour and large or small vapour stream. Timer button. Switches on base.

Colour Changing: Yes, but only the white area will colour change, the wood effect does not.

Product Instructions: The product comes with all parts included. This product comes complete with full use, care and safety instructions, please read before use. Only for use with water and essential oils, do not use any other liquids. The diffuser holds a maximum of 100ml of liquid, do not overfill, and do not refill while in use.

Approx size : h 14 x w 16 cms